If you are having problems in any of these areas, please consult with us. Learning Masters will help you come up with the right solution for your organization.

Problems in Performance with Customers

(Account sales people to your customers)

  • You cannot find new markets
  • You are worried about new employees' productivity
  • You cannot make effective presentations
  • You cannot penetrate into customers' organizations
  • You only visit certain companies
  • You lack a strategic approach
  • You cannot satisfy your customers' expectations
  • You cannot quite convince customers to buy your product or service

Problems in Performance in Organizations

(Managers toward their organization & subordinates)

  • You cannot see the vision
  • You want to stay safe rather than risk change
  • Vector to the organization does not match
  • OJT opportunities are not effective
  • Market-oriented attitude is not well-developed
  • You cannot function smoothly as a team
  • You are not good at directing each subordinate
  • Your subordinates who have some concerns & worries don't come to you
  • You want to change into an organization that learns & grows, but don't know how

Problems in Performance in Communication

(Relationships with your boss, colleagues, trainees, & people in different areas)

  • You cannot grasp what they want of you
  • You cannot express what you really think due to poor communication skills
  • You end up talking when you intended to listen
  • You cannot quite convince others to agree or act
  • You cannot get support from others around you
  • Trainees do not notice much and you don't see many educational effects
  • You don't know which part of training sessions to improve

Problems in Performance in Oneself

(Improving your own growth & performance)

  • You don't have a vision for self-growth
  • Stress has stolen your motivation
  • Stress has decreased your productivity
  • You have very little consciousness of your career development
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