The stress and psychological pressure of those who are involved in the competitive business world is increasing compared to the past. Managers in this stressful environment are responsible to consult with subordinates and suggest solutions so that they may improve their performance.

CM: COUNSELING MIND is designed to help managers consult with subordinates, release their stress and give advice so their staff can perform well. In CM you will learn to not only grasp the tendencies of people who hold onto their problems, but also learn how to effectively train people to solve their own problems.

Expected Results

You will be able to:

  • Recognize the indications of what your subordinates are worried about
  • Help your subordinates deal effectively with their problems
  • Give them accurate feedback for their work
  • Deal with those you had difficulty with.

Who should take this course?

  • Participants: Managers, anybody who has people to manage
  • Number: 20 per class
  • Period: 2 days

Course Program

Day 1

1. Orientation

2. Behavior of managers and the productivities of the workplace

  • Control and Leadership
  • Behavior of managers and the productivities of the workplace

3. Counseling mind

  • Crisis situation model
  • What is a counseling mind?
  • Concept of the counseling mind
  • Mechanism of emotions
  • Importance of trust
  • Mistakes Managers tend to make
Day 2

(Review of the previous day)
4. Who needs a counseling approach?

  • Those subordinates who need counseling
  • Stressful situations

5. Counseling approaches

  • Those subordinates who cannot solve their problems by themselves
  • Recognizing the successful parts
  • Supporting the areas they need to improve

6. Summary and closing

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